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Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, February 22, 2024

A personal report by Hans W. Diel

OMNS (Feb 22, 2024) My 5-year-long self-experiment with lipoprotein(a) therapy -- to cure my heart disease -- has not been without side effects. [1] However, these side effects are not ones that I would ask my doctor or pharmacist about. (The familiar statement "For risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist," which I am alluding to here, is obligatory for advertising medicines in the media). These side effects are also not the ones that most doctors over-caution about: for example, hypervitaminosis, toxicity, heart damage, inflammation of the stomach lining, and even carcinogenic effects.

No, to the contrary, during my self-experiment I experienced a whole series of miraculous healthy side effects that I only mentioned in passing in the documentation of my experiment with Linus Pauling's vitamin therapy. [1,2]

Here, I refer to the successful treatment or prevention of sometimes serious illnesses as "side effects" because the threats and arrogance of pharma-fixated doctors towards the use of natural remedies is annoying and deceptive. Often they say hardly a word about the sometimes very serious side effects of the drugs they prescribe as standard. Of course, the term "side effects" does not do justice to my personal experience in disease treatment and prevention. Each successful experience is a reason to provide more detail.

The most gratifying "list of successes":

  • Raynaud's syndrome cured
  • High blood pressure (arterial hypertension) disappeared
  • Cardiac arrhythmias no longer occur
  • Heart rate significantly reduced
  • Vitiligo stopped
  • No coronavirus infection

How can the successes be explained? Here is a brief explanation:

I am convinced that the decisive basis is the "therapy package" that I put together as part of my experiment with the Pauling therapy, supplemented by recommendations from the German physician Dr Ulrich Strunz. [3] First, I got blood tests and identified a combination of micronutrients to compensate for nutrient deficiencies in my body. Then I took adequate doses of nutrient supplements every day, based on my body's needs. The blood testing has become routine for me. It helps me to maintain the right, optimum level.

I have not taken any medication, not a single one.

OMNS readers will likely know which individual essential nutrients played a particular role in my success. They include adequate doses of vitamins C,D,E, and the B vitamins, along with minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and selenium, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. How and to what extent what actually worked cannot be traced in detail because my self-experiment had a different goal, namely to cure my heart disease, and was not specifically focused on these "side effects". However, according to my findings, the following assumptions are reasonable:

With Raynaud's syndrome (a circulatory disorder of the fingers or toes caused by paroxysmal vasospasms, which are particularly noticeable when exposed to cold. Named after its discoverer, the French doctor Maurice Raynaud. Individual fingers become white and numb, as if they are dying. Painful and frightening), magnesium, as well as the amino acids arginine and citrulline are likely to have been the key factors. As already mentioned, the disease is cured.

Blood pressure has been significantly and persistently reduced, especially after increased intake of arginine, citrulline, taurine, potassium and magnesium, and is now regularly in the range of 120 to 65 mmHg.

The cardiac arrhythmia (ventricular arrhythmia), which was particularly evident under stress, has not occurred for five years now, as observed by regular cardiological examinations. Magnesium, potassium, taurine and probably also omega-3 have likely contributed significantly to this. I have raised my omega-3 index to 14%. (Dyerberg/Passwater have reported on the effect of omega-3 on arrhythmias in their book "The Missing Wellness Factors - EPA and DHA" [4] and William Sears/James Sears in "The Omega-3 Effect" [5]).

I attribute the calming of the heart rate (now 55 - 60 bpm) primarily to magnesium, potassium, taurine and an adequate salt intake, which I have based on the recommendations of Brownstein "Salt Your Way to Health" [6] and Dinicolantonio "The Salt Fix" [7], controlled by measuring the sodium level. My exercise and meditation sessions certainly also played a part. I did not take the beta blockers prescribed to relieve my heart "as part of heart failure therapy". For most individuals, eating plentiful servings of vegetables and fruits can provide adequate potassium.

For the last 10 years, the spread of vitiligo (an autoimmune skin disease in which white patches form on the skin due to the loss of pigment cells in various parts of the body) has been halted. The complete therapy package certainly plays a fundamental role here too. However, I suspect that the high-dose vitamin D intake makes a decisive contribution. My vitamin D level has improved from 18 ng/ml - measured after my first heart attack - to 100 ng/ml. Jeff Bowles had similar experiences with vitamin D in his unconventional experiment (described in the book "The Miraculous Results of Extremely High Doses of the Sunshine Hormone Vitamin D3". [8]. Michael Holick also discusses autoimmune diseases and vitamin D in his book "The Vitamin D Solution" [9].

In the last 6 years I have not had a cold or flu. I attribute this in particular to the high-dose intake of vitamin C and vitamin D in particular, but also to the combined effect with magnesium and the other micronutrients that strengthen the immune system (e.g. zinc, selenium). I have also been spared coronavirus-related illnesses.

All of this seems an unbelievable result for conventional medicine that mainly relies on drugs from pharmaceutical companies. I am tempted to illustrate the helplessness of this medicine with the advice of one of its representatives. To deal with Raynaud's syndrome, he advised me to place my hands under my armpits or buttocks to protect them when it is cold, e.g. in the car. He himself would always do this with his hands, which are also affected by this condition. Apart from wishing him a safe journey at all times, there is nothing more to add.


I am not a doctor and therefore advise you to consult your doctor if you wish to use any of the experiences I have gained from my self-experiment. These are my personal experiences and do not constitute medical advice. Do not discontinue any medication without the consent of your doctor.

( Hans W. Diel has been dealing specifically with the issue of lipoprotein(a) and the question of effective treatment options since his heart attack 12 years ago. After a second heart attack, he carried out a 5-year self-experiment on lipoprotein(a) therapy and the healing of his heart disease with natural remedies. He is the author of the book "Lipoprotein(a) - Der größte Risikofaktor für Herzinfarkt und Schlaganfall?" You can contact the author by email: )


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